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Aries in the First House:File You're always on the go and ready to take on life's challenges. It's easy to go from project to project, but this can make you seem impulsive if you can't follow through. Fortunately, with a little organization and support, there's no stopping you![4]
  • Since Aries naturally rules the First House, if your natal chart has Aries in the First House, it's even stronger. You'll notice these Aries traits are amplified in your life.

Taurus in the First House:You are known for your helpful nature and you're thorough in all that you do. You often come across to others as being strong and stable. Although you're always looking for practical explanations in life, you may need to be more flexible when it comes to relationships.

Gemini in the First House:You have a free, independent spirit and you're known for your intellect. People probably say that you've got a fantastic memory, but they might also say that you're tough to figure out. Having the twins in your First House means that you're a complicated person that can show many sides to others.